10 Reasons You Can’t Find A Job! (+10 Solutions) – New 2020





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10 Reasons You Can’t Find A Job! (+10 Solutions) – New 2020

The 10 most common reasons professionals can’t find great jobs and what to do about each one of them! – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • At the end of this course, you will be able to identify CLEARLY why you’re not getting the results that you want in your job search
  • You will also discover quick and easy fixes to these obstacles.
  • Shift your mindset and see things with recruiters or employers eyes.


  • No prerequisite needed, this course is open to anyone willing to learn the skills to find work!


As an international career coach with over 16 years of recruitment experience, I have a first hand account on things that successful job seekers do well (that unsuccessful ones don’t do). In this course, I will be sharing with you the 10 most common flaws in professionals approach to job search methods. These 10 reasons are the same regardless to which country you’re in and no matter what job sector you’re focusing on. My most sincere hope is that this free course will help as many job seekers as possible overcome these challenges, whether you’re looking for work in your home town or internationally.

Author(s): Hamza Zaouali

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