How To Read Common Chinese Pinyin Easily And Not To Forget:)





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How To Read Common Chinese Pinyin Easily And Not To Forget:)

read/type/understand Chinese with Pinyin Romanization helps – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Able to read/understand Chinese word which with Pinyin Romanization and able to type chinese


  • a passionate heart to learn Chinese


This course provides everything about Pinyin, from Initials, Finals, Syllables and Tones. It helps you develop the skills to use Pinyin easily and set up a solid foundation for your future Chinese study.

Pinyin is the Romanization of the Chinese characters based on their pronunciation. In Mandarin Chinese, the phrase Pin Yin literally translates into spell sound. In other words, spelling out Chinese phrases with letters from the English alphabet. For example:


Pinyin: xu x zhng wn

It is designed for English speakers, this course introduces the Chinese phonetic system “Pinyin” in a comprehensive and authentic way. The lessons here are basically PowerPoint school lessons.

Pinyin defines the pronunciation of Chinese characters. This course covers essentially all the Pinyin combinations used in Chinese, and a demonstration audio is provided for every combination. Overall this course contains all the information you need for Chinese Pinyin.

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