Successful Project Manager





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Successful Project Manager

Do you want to success in your projects? Are you willing to become better project manager? – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Project management skills
  • Project management tools
  • Real-life experiences
  • Useful tips


  • Critical thinking to own strengths and weaknesses
  • Passion to become better project manager


What it takes to be successful project manager? What kind of skills are needed?

This course will teach five top skills needed for successful project managers. Your management is combination of your skillset and team. The way you treat your team, customers and stakeholders will affect to project success.

Project management is typically hard skills, but you must also have a sense for soft skills. Different projects need different skills, also different project managers. However, success needs basic skills and additional characteristics from every person.

This course will highlight you the areas to you can learn and enhance. You will learn how to recognize your strengths and weaknesses to become successful! Take your career to next level, become successful project manager!

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Author(s): Jouni Ruotanen

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