How To Create Epic Whiteboard Animation Ecard In Blender 2.8





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How To Create Epic Whiteboard Animation Ecard In Blender 2.8

Pay Absolutley Nothing

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the basics of white-board animation
  • Use the free Krita in conjunction with Pixabay to build your design with speed and efficiency
  • Discover how to add animation in Krita. Turn static text into a life animated writing
  • Use the new blender EVEE to edit, refine turning it into a stunning White-Board Animation for free. Discover its powerful editing ability that not many know about
  • How to render and export, HD result, fast and easy (no Technical mumbo jumbo). Share with the world hassle free


  • Competent and confident with using a computer.
  • A Copy of both Blender 2.8 and Krita. Both open source and Free


About This Class

Discover the secret to creating amazing white-board-style animated greeting cards without spending a single penny!!!

No skills required

Dont have to be Leonardo da vinci… STOP buying into the **talent myth ** crap

Suitable for all levels, no previous knowledge or experience needed

Dont have to buy any fancy or expensive equipment (wacom tablet, cintique..etc), just your trusty mouse (and keep it out of cats reach), creativity and open mindness

$$$ STOP worrying about software expense $$$$

Most courses involve commercial apps, falling between 50$ to 300$

Worse …nowadays monthly subscription.

Imagine paying 50$/m or 200$/Y for every commercial app? YIKES!!!!!

Utility and rental are enough already. Dont let other pesky bills fly around your head buzzing into your ears

If You Can Use A Computer And Have Internet, Ill Show You How You Can Make Animated Postcards For FREE!

You dont need Adobe premiere/after effect, Sony Vegas, final cut

Subscribe to VideoScribe..?.. NO THANKS.

No need to spend a dime on commercial stock image.. I will show you free HIGH QUALITY alternatives

All you need to invest in this course is a portion of your time and some practice..

Introducing BLENDER EVEE. The only tool you will ever need!!!!.

Design the perfect greeting card (birthday, Valentine, Christmas…etc) for your loved one

Unleash your creativity using this powerful production suit to create beautiful animation

Show how much you care:

Impress your friends: Share on Facebook, Twitter…etc

Attract more followers on Instagram

Sell them online. Valuable addition for freelance designers

And Believe it or not, Blender EVEE is open source, meaning: ****100% FREE ****

Bonus: Save precious time

Why spend countless hours building from scratch

Why reinvent the wheel?

I will show you how to use existing tools in your arsenal to create yours in no time

Total newbie or too busy!!!: NO PROBLEM

User friendly lecture supplemented with highly engaging visuals that not only will amplify comprehension but guaranteed to make your learning journey memorable and fun

I understand you are busy so I have designed each class to be brief (between 5 to 8 minutes) yet very informative.

No Overwhelm: Straight to the point content, keep it simple..and..effective

Class material included: the course comes with a project setting file so you can get started immediately without being bogged down with how to configure the software if you are a beginner. And of course learning resource included if you are interested in further learning

No Youtube Spam. Exclusive Personalized Support.

-When you enroll in this course you gain access to the private QA section where I can personally help you out with any questions you might have with this course and overcome any difficulties and challenges you might encounter

-Spam and distraction free

– Tired of ignored comments or questions…Feeling neglected? As an enrolled student, you are entitled to my assistance upon request. Non goes unanswered

– Adios to the filter burnout: No more hours of scanning throughout a tsunami of useless or illervalent Youtube-like comments searching for answers.

– NO COMMERCIAL BS: This is not yet another Mrs lovely AD KNOCK KNOCK lady in red dress every 2 minute tutorial. You are watching premium videos so. ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY AD free

Why pay someone when you can DIY free and quick?

If you can give me just 10 to 20 minutes of your time per day, in less than a week I will teach you the formula for crafting premium animated greeting cards. At the end of this course you will be able to craft all sorts of greeting cards such as birthday, happy new year, valentines, Christmas, get well soon…etc in a relatively short period of time. No need to buy or hire a freelancer to do this for you

High Quality Project-Based Course

-This is not yet another all theory course or yet video another 40 minute tutorial with first minute example, rest is fast forward background anime music

-Completely project-based, Apply your new skills immediately as you follow along.

– Optional mid challenge to sharpen your muscle memory

– All the project files will be included, as well as additional references and resources

– There are talking-head videos, descriptive diagrams, engaging animations, visuals, high quality screen-casts and more to keep you engaged. NO BORING academic crap

Guaranteed results, just follow along and take action

If youve wondered how to make a greeting card with this super cool handwriting effect to surprise your friends, family. Or even better impress someone you like, draw attention in your social media, add flavor to your portfolio and are interested in getting up to speed, then this course is for you.

Dont miss the fun, ENROLL NOW

Author(s): Ahmed Anis

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