Piano Basics: Playing Without Reading Music





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Piano Basics: Playing Without Reading Music

Learn how to get started on the piano WITHOUT needing to learn how to read music! – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Basic structure of a piano keyboard
  • How to identify notes on a piano
  • How notes link in to each other
  • Tones & Half-Tones
  • Sharps & Flats
  • Major & Minor Scales


  • No musical experience AT ALL required – this is a complete beginners course
  • Access to a piano or keyboard is useful but not absolutely necessary


Hi there!

Have you ever wanted to get into piano, or music in general, and not known where to start? Although one of the most incredible things on the planet, there are quite a lot of barriers to entry to getting started with music – including the complexity of early lessons.

This course is for anyone who is a complete newcomer/beginner when it comes to playing the piano, or knowing about music theory. I’ve designed it to get you started without needing to read music, but to give you some crucial underlying theory that will propel you forwards into the musical world!

The course builds you up to be able to play any major or minor scale anywhere on the piano. From here, the musical world is your oyster.

If you enjoyed this course let me know, and I can follow it up with more in the future!

Happy playing!

Author(s): Hari Sood

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