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Launch Your First UDEMY Course In 7 Days or Less -Unofficial

Learn the Secrets to Online Course Creation in Less than 7 days and get First 1000 Students Quickly! – Free Course

What you’ll learn

You will have a step by step practical blueprint to launch your first online course!
You will have a template that you can use to quickly structure your course!
You will be able to launch your first online course in 7 days or less (if you follow the process step by step)


You Should Know How To Use Computer & Internet.
You Need A PC or MC
A Good Microphone To Record Audio
A Software To Record Course


What Students Are Saying:

Daniele Alessandra says “This course really gives you what it says: you’ll be able to create, edit and publish your first course in seven days if you stay focused and follow the instructions.”


Mikel Sanderssays”This is a great course he makes the videos short and sweet and to the point. I got 2 ideas from this course so far that I’m sure will help me generate a nice amount of revenue. The Course Outline Template by itself is worth the price of admission! I do wish that he would have provided a few more technical examples but I truly enjoyed the quick high energy of the course.”


Kushal says “Wow! This a real eye opener. I had so many myths around building my own course and Abhay has made it super simple to create and launch it. Let’s get it done! Thanks, Abhay!”


Bob Choat says”Great course as it simplified the process of course creation…”


Robert says “I took earlier course by Abhay on training automation and I feel he should have launched this course first. Because once I have my course ready, I can automate it. Anyways, it’s amazing to learn some great content and excited to create and then automate. :)”


Abhishek Yadav says “So far it’s great. I just loved the concept of launching the course in 7 days and I’m excited. I’m sure if I follow the instructor and work, I should be able to launch my first course. Thank you Abhay!”


Juan M says “very engaging and highly recommended. got some really good golden nuggets.”


Ravi says “Very very useful course, looking forward to implementing these tactics in my videos.”


Have you been thinking about creating your firstonline course? and still thinking?

Not anymore! This course will give you a step by step process to create and launch your first awesome online course FAST!

You will get practical tips & ideas (cutting all the crap out) to launch your first online course in 7 days or less! (yes, you read it right)

I’m a best-selling instructor ofmultiple courses and most of them I was able to create in less than 7 days. In fact one of the best-selling course I launchedin just 3 days!

I’ve put together a simple step by step blueprint that you can follow without getting overwhelmed for a successful launch.

So, here’s what you will learn inside this course:

Introduction & Why Online Course

Identify Your First Course Topic Effortlessly

Pre-Requisites (Equipment & A Place To Record)

Create Your Course Outline Quickly

Create Your Course Content Quickly

Record Your Course Quickly

Course Editing

Publish Your Course

Get First 1000 Students For FREE!

Get Help To Launch Your Course

By the end of this course, you will be all pumped up to create your very first course!

Plus you can also get a chance to work with me where I will personally help you launch you first online awesomecourse, so you don’t loose the track!

I look forward to welcoming you to the journey of your online business and let’schange thepeople’s life by teaching them!

To Your Success,

Abhay Sharma

Author(s): Impact Millions Online

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