The Optimum Fitness System For Fitness And Rehab Specialists





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The Optimum Fitness System For Fitness And Rehab Specialists

Learn What It Takes To Increase Your Fitness Business Income Using The Systematic And Progressive OFS Program. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

Set yourself or your clients up for success using the SMART System.
Perform a Pre-Activity Screening to determine current health conditions, risks or limitations
Complete Pre/Post-Training Fitness Tests to establish baseline measurements and track progress
Easily and quickly evaluate for possible movement impairments as well as implement a corrective exercise strategy to address those impairments.
Follow along a systematic (cardiorespiratory, musculoskeletal, nervous system) and progressive (low to high intensity, simple to complex) exercise program that can be completed virtually anywhere using only your or your clients body weight.


Having some experience in teaching proper exercise technique will help but is not mandatory.
Having a knowledge base of chronic conditions, medication useage, contraindications, and side effects, and first aid will help but is not mandatory.
Being certified in CPR, ALS, and/or PALS will help but is not mandatory.
Knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.
Understanding of kinesiology and human movement science.
Experience in conducting a Pre-Activity Screening and Risk Stratification is recommended.


The Optimum Fitness System (OFS) educational course is designed for any individual involved in health, fitness, and performance training as well as rehabilitation specialists (physical therapists, athletic trainers, etc.). The OFS is a comprehensive program designed in a systematic and progressive fashion to allow for fitness and rehabilitation specialists to ensure a both safe and progressive program design, including; how to conduct a Pre-Activity Screening and Fitness Assessment, assess for movement impairments and how to prescribe corrective exercises based on the noted impairments, core and joint stabilization training, strength and power training, and the concepts of sport specificity.

The OFS educational program is provided in various educational formats. Lectures are provided in video format. The OFS Program Design Manual follows along the systematic and progressive program describing in further details what is reviewed in the video lectures. The manual also contains all of the templates needed, from the Pre-Activity Screening to Monthly Training Log. A word document of all the templates is provided as well allowing for any adjustments students would like to make. For example, the student may choose to remove the Power-Up logo and add their own, truly making this course an immediate Turn Key business opportunity.

The OFS educational program covers a great deal of hands-on training activities. It is recommended that the student have another participant with them in order to practice the activities reviewed. This may assist with better understanding and long term memory development of each technique. To further ensure an enhanced knowledge base a quiz is provided at the end of each section. Depending on the students level of experience this course may take anywhere from 2-4 hours.

Whether youre looking to start an immediate and complete personal training business or hoping to enhance your current knowledge base this course is for you.

Author(s): Travis Hyer

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