Video Editing Using Cyberlink Power Director 18





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Video Editing Using Cyberlink Power Director 18

Improve Your Video Editing Skills – Free Course

What you’ll learn

Creative Video Editing Using Power Director 18
What modules will I cover?
Creating a short video using multiple clips, adding a title and an ending.
Enhancing the colour in your videos, changing exposure, white balance and saturation etc.
Adding your voice to your clips using the voice-over recording room.
Making Shape animations using the Shape Designer
Creating animations using particles


You will need Power Director Software, it doesn’t have to be Power Director 18


Video Editing Using Power Director 18

Hello and welcome to my course on learning how to use Power Director software to edit your videos.

I am a published photographer and I am also a qualified teacher and although I no longer work as a teacher I can use my skills to help you understand in a step by step way how to use the software, once you learn the basics of the software you will be able to make stunning videos and add impact with motion graphics. I have been using Cyberlink Power Director software for years and prefer it other similar types of Video Editing software as it is quicker to get similar effects and easier to use than some others I have tried.

Power Director can be bought as a subscription where you can pay monthly or yearly , the current price is just around 50 for the year which to me is very reasonable considering you get all the features and templates and free background music to use too, and they update these regularly. I have just downloaded the latest wedding pack for free. You can also just buy the Power Director software without a subscription, and will then have it on your computer at a set price. Even if you already have Power Director you can learn how to be more creative with it with this course. I have included six videos to get you started, but once you have purchased the course you will have access to any more videos I upload later on, and I plan on up loading a lot more videos in the coming months as I get a lot of pleasure making these videos, and love sharing the new features as they arrive.

The modules I will be covering in my videos will be:

Introduction Introducing the modules.

  1. Session 1 Making your first video, putting together some video clips, adding a title, adding some music and making an ending screen using a template.
  2. Session 2 Enhancing your video, such as changing the exposure, colour saturation and white balance. Using the pre-sets in the software and also using the manual controls to adjust and enhance your videos colour.
  3. Session 3 Adding your voice to your videos, how to use the voice over room, placement of your audio and adjusting the volume.
  4. Session 4 Adding Titles. Using Motion Graphics, and changing plain text, using special effects and motion to help your videos have impact.
  5. Session 5 Using the Shape Designer. Learn to use simple shapes to create stunning effects, make the shapes move, add shadows, add text, create speech bubbles, direction arrows, you can create stunning animations to create eye catching videos.
  6. Session 6 -Create animations using the PIP and particles. I will teach you how to use a png to enable it to move across your videos, changing direction and size and rotation using keyframes. Learn how to make animations using the templates in the software, add particles such as snow, stars, rain, fog, Santa, snowmen, there are many different particles to choose from and more can be downloaded from Directorzone for free.

I plan on adding more videos to this course, and some are almost finished ready to add which you will have access to once you have purchased the course. So please watch this space.

I hope you decide to take this course, if you enjoy making videos, this course will help to take your videos to a whole new level.

So sign up now.

I Look forward to meeting you on the Udemy course.

Best Wishes

Tracey Ayre

Author(s): Tracey Ayre

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