Project Hermes: The Evolution Of Digital/internet Marketing





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Project Hermes: The Evolution Of Digital/internet Marketing

Frozen in Time [Year 2013], This Course Will Help You See First-Hand The Evolution of Digital/Internet Marketing. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • This course is truly a blast from the past and offers a window to 2013. How much Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Email Marketing, Video Marketing and Mobile Marketing have evolved since 2013? How much change, speed, and keeping up with new trends matter? This course gives you PERSPECTIVE. Enroll in this course and MAKE YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS!
  • This course is A TREASURE for seasoned digital marketing professionals, researchers, nostalgic dreamers, and time travelers who want to explore first-hand how quickly technology and digital marketing is changing. Review this course and find out what has changed since 2013 and shockingly enough what is STILL THE SAME!


  • Desire for time travel.



In 2008 the world’s worst financial crisis caused a global recession. Greece had huge government debts and it was one of the countries that was worst affected starting in 2010. 

For many Greeks the years of economic hardship were severe. More than 400,000 people emigrated and in May 2013 the unemployment for Greek Youth was over 60%. 


The mission of PROJECT HERMES was to build an online Internet Marketing Program that would train unemployed young Greeks for FREE and teach them valuable new skills. 

The ultimate goal was to stop the brain drain, and encourage students to help Greek companies successfully promote and export their fantastic local products and services in new markets around the world.

The program was founded and developed by Manos Filippou, and supported by volunteers who generously shared their time and knowledge without any compensation. 

The videos included in this course are part of PROJECT HERMES and were recorded in May 2013. 

The intention of this course is NOT to teach anything new but to archive, and keep alive internet/digital marketing knowledge that was important in 2013. 

Knowledge should not be lost in any way, shape or form, especially when it provides a window to the past, and a perspective as to how quickly (or not) technology and online marketing is changing. 

While a lot of things have changed since 2013, shockingly enough many things are still the same. 

Are you curious enough to find out what has changed and what has not? 

This course is truly a blast from the past. 

Enrolland find out! 

Author(s): Manos Filippou

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