High Velocity Google Docs – Shortcut Guide





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High Velocity Google Docs – Shortcut Guide

Stop Wasting Time on Unnecessary Google Docs Tasks. Learn the Shortcuts Now! – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • The basic shortcuts in Google Docs
  • How to Leverage Keyboard Shortcuts to Shorten your Work Day
  • Discover Hidden Shortcut Gems that Make you go WOW!


  • Have a Vague Familiarity with Your Keyboard!
  • Want to Reduce your Workday substantially!


Is this Your Regular Working Day?

You settle into your office chair with a coffee … you click Word … click New … type something … click bold, etc, etc…

What if there was a way to speed up all of these tasks and much much more besides?

How much time do you think you could save each and every day?


It’s Very Sad…

The sad fact of reality is that many people don’t know how to use Word effectively. There’s too much clicking, mouse movement and manual editing. In other words: A massive waste of time on repetitive tasks!

This course shows you how to reclaim your wasted time.


Streamline Repetitive Tasks and Save this Much Time…

By my calculations, if you write or edit 1 document each day then you could save 45 minutes each and every day. (I know, because I’ve timed everything!)

That comes out to 5 working WEEKS every single year!

What could you do with that regained time?


How does saving 5 WEEKS of time each year sound to you?

This course will show you the main shortcuts you’ll use every single day in MS Word.

The first part will be an easier entry and you may know some shortcuts.

Other shortcuts you won’t know. For example did you know that there’s a master shortcut that lets you access create a new Doc from any browser tab?


So, if you want less screen time and reduced stress levels then I look forward to showing you how!

See you inside!

Author(s): Grant Klimaytys

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