How To Start A Successful Blog For Beginners 2020





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How To Start A Successful Blog For Beginners 2020

Step-By-Step – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • This is a very simple and straightforward class designed for the beginner. You will have full functioning blog live within an afternoon.
  • Learn step by step how to create a full functioning blog that will engage and wow your audience!
  • Learn how to create engaging blog posts that will get you audience hungry for more!
  • Add social share elements to drive more free traffic to your blog posts!
  • Add YouTube videos to your blog!


  • Nothing is required to get started except a willingness to try something new.
  • You will be learning some new concepts and when learning something new this can cause fear and overwhelm! Its import that you are aware of this, the start stops most people I ask that you just be patient with yourself.
  • Honor the learning journey. Go through the videos a couple of times to learn the concepts then proceed to apply them..
  • Remember education that is not applied is useless.. I will leave you with this, a quote from Joseph Campbell The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek


The Hopeful Wanderer-

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I was getting SO OVERWHELMED trying to pick a theme and arrange everything. This helped so much!”

Angelica Tosi-

“Let’s take a minute to contemplate the perfection of this video. Haven’t watched it entirely yet but the editing and quality of videos, pictures, use of words and tone of voice. PERFECT. Hell yes I’m subscribing man”

Charlie’s World-

“Thanks for this video, you a epic human, tis really helped me a-lot and I didn’t though there is so much stuff that goes into blogging other than posting, so much stuff was explained in this video and it really helped me out and I think you’ve just earned a new subscriber. Thank youuuuuuuuu! I’m going to watch some of your other videos”

In this video, we’re going to go through a complete blogging tutorial showing you step by step how to set up a blog with different pages, images, videos, and blog posts, and I’m also going to show you how to bring people into your blog so they’re reading your blog posts so then you can start building your community and your subscribers. 

I’m really excited to show you what’s coming up because if you’ve been wanting to start a blog or you’ve got a blog already and you just want some tips, this video has everything you need. This is going to help you so much. I’ve got everything you need here to get started blogging. You’re going to create engaging blog posts that people will love to read. Learn how to make an about page which tells people all about you and what your blog is about and your story, how to make this great looking homepage and these different sections which are all completely customizable.

You’re going to learn how to add an images, videos, paragraphs of text, how to edit that text, add captions and how to then distribute your blog posts to start building up your fan base and grow your community. Like I said, this video has everything you need to start a blog and get it up and running. I’m going to show you all of this and more in this video. 

Let’s go. All right, let’s go. Going, we’ve only got three steps to do to get your blog up and running. So step one is choosing a domain name. Step two is creating your blog and step three is called share. Liken, repeat. Cause this step is kind of a bonus. I’ve got some tips and tricks for you of my own that I use and my own kind of techniques to getting your blog out there, getting it seen by people who want to read your content and will share and like it so you can get your blog on yourself noticed.

Author(s): James Stafford

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