Learn Angular From Scratch





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Learn Angular From Scratch

Learn and uderstand Angular from scratch. A hands on step by step guide.

What you’ll learn

  • Basics Of Angular
  • Setting Up Environment
  • Angular Modules, Componenets & Expressions
  • Data Binding & Controllers
  • Scopes, Filters & Services
  • Routing In Angular
  • HTTP, Tables & SQL
  • Angular DOM
  • Animation & CLI


  • Any Fresher Wants to Learn Basic AngularJS


This course is designed to help you to understand the basics of Angular quickly and thorough. Angular is basically a JavaScript framework (an open source web application framework) library, which is distributed as JavaScript file. Mainly used in developing Single Page Application (SPA). It extendes HTML with additional new attributes hence making simple development and making it more responsive at users end, since HTML was never design for dynamics views. Angular is very easy to understand hence learning it is a fun. Every feature of it can be modified as per the the requirement

Author(s): Shokal Shah, MD. Hasanur Rahaman Hasib

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