Learn To Create Awesome Ebooks From Scratch





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Learn To Create Awesome Ebooks From Scratch

Create that awesome ebook you always wanted to share with the World. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Discover major ebook formats
  • Create technically valid ebooks
  • Create awesome readable ebooks


  • You should have basic computer literacy skills.
  • You should have a word processing software, Microsoft Word strongly recommended.
  • You will get other software while the course goes on.


Ebook sales have long surpased those of print version. For your ebook to stand out, you must lay it out provide the reader with pleasant reading experience. In this course we take a project-oriented approach to empower you to take part of this digital revolution with full confidence. 

This course is about converting your source document into an ebook. Participants will be able to make an awesome ebook. The ebook should pass test for compliance to all ebook standards. Participants will create epub ebooks that are accepted by all major ebook vendors such as Amazon Kindle, Apple iBook, Barnes & Noble.

The course is structured in a way participant will use a provided document as source document for which to make an ebook. Participants can also use their own documents.

Lecture notes, presentations and videos are included. The course is expected anything from a day to a week, depending on number of hours the participant puts into the course.

After a brief introduction of the course instructor, short notes are provided about ebooks. The bread and butter of the course is a practicum of make an ebook from a source document.

This course is targeted to anyone who wants to participate in the digital economy by creating their own ebooks. Very basic knowledge of computers is assumed for this course.

Target audience may find this course if they search for the following keywords: ebook, e-book, kindle, amazon, ibook, smashwords, epub, mobi, calibre, sigil, kindle previewer, and adobe digital editions.

Author(s): Mlenge Fanuel

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