Mastering Text And Type In Photoshop Cc





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Mastering Text And Type In Photoshop Cc

learn all the tools available for you when dealing with text in photoshop

What you’ll learn

  • work confidently with text and create beautiful and clean paragraphs and even create stylized type


  • students don’t need any experience in photoshop; and even if this course doesn’t cover the basics of the software like the UI, absolute beginners still can watch it and gain a lot out of it because everything is well explained


photoshop isn’t the first tool for working with text but it can really surprise you because it has powerful features that will make your life easier especially if you are familiar with it and don’t want to try a different software

this course covers all the thing you need to know to start using photoshop for creating appealing text effects and well formatted paragraphs.

we will start with the different type tools and the difference between them, then we will take a look at their options and how to create and use presets, later on this course we will see more advanced topics that can be very useful especially if you like to give a personal touch for you text

Author(s): Zaoui Abdelillah

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