Ultimate English Homeschooling: Primary School Curriculum!





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Ultimate English Homeschooling: Primary School Curriculum!

Homeschool your Primary School-aged Child English: Grammar, Spelling, Comprehension, Composition & Creative Writing! – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Composition
  • Creative Writing
  • Descriptive Writing
  • English Literature
  • Primary School English


  • Have a computer and access to Wifi


Are you a parent or guardian of a Primary School-aged child and you want to give them that extra help and support to boost their English skills? Maybe you are currently homeschooling your child and you aren’t sure where to begin or how to create a structure and routine when teaching them English basics? Let us help!

Our “Ultimate English Homeschooling” Course covers EVERYTHING students who are in Primary School need to know and understand to reach their top potential in English! This course covers everything, including:

– Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation

– Comprehension and Composition

– Creative Writing and Descriptive Writing

Our English Homeschool Course contains EVERYTHING including study resources and lessons and Barbara, an experienced Primary School English Teacher, will teach your child everything they need to know to develop confidence in English! Everyday of the week, Barbara will cover a new area of English and work through practice exercises in English! The best thing is you can also get in touch if you are unsure and she will love to answer any questions you have.

Author(s): Barbara Njau

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