G Suite Google Apps Script Spreadsheet Folder File Lister





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G Suite Google Apps Script Spreadsheet Folder File Lister

Explore how you can list your Google Drive content into a spreadsheet G Suite GDrive and Spreadsheet app content – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Google apps script
  • How to select drive items
  • How to append content to a spreadsheet
  • Files and folders in Drive get details


  • JavaScript and coding experience
  • Google Account
  • Google Script experience


Explore how you can create an application to list folder and file info into your spreadsheet using Google Apps Script. Introduction to Google Apps Script DriveApp spreadsheet project

Explore using Google Apps Script to list content contained within your drive folders, list out files and folders and track into a spreadsheet

Excellent way to track who content is shared with and who have what access into you files and folders.

Google apps script is like JavaScript in the cloud, allowing you to connect the Google Suite of products together to do some amazing things.

Within the lessons of this course we’ll demonstrate how to list folder and file details into a Google Spreadsheet

JavaScript is a prerequisite to this course, DO NOT take the course without prior coding experience. 

Use the Sheet UI to add a button to our spreadsheet

Click the button run the function that selects from the drive

List files and folder properties into your spreadsheet

Discover the power of Google Apps Script and some of the amazing things that you can do with it.

Taught by a Google Developer Expert with many years of web development experience – ready to help you learn more about Google Apps Script

What are you waiting for join now and start creating awesome applications with Google Apps Script.

Author(s): Laurence Svekis

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