SEO for Beginners by Yoast

SEO for Beginners by Yoast




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SEO for Beginners by Yoast

Learn all about SEO and improving your website from the people that brought you the Yoast SEO plugin!

What you’ll learn

  • Quick wins to make your site rank higher in Google, Bing or Yahoo
  • A solid basic understanding of search engines and search engine optimization
  • Understanding of your users: how did they end up on your website?
  • How to improve your writing: create original, readable and findable content
  • Site structure: make it easy for Google to index all pages of your site
  • Pointers on how to create a user-friendly website
  • How to stand out in search engines with rich results
  • Plus: get tips to let the Yoast SEO plugin do the essential technical work for you


  • You have a website or are planning one
  • Your website does not have to be a WordPress site!
  • No previous SEO knowledge required
  • No technical knowledge required
  • For beginners and anyone who wants to bring their knowledge up-to-speed again


Yoast has been involved with SEO on a daily basis for over 10 years! Our plugin is the front-runner in SEO plugins for WordPress. Following our mission “SEO for Everyone”, we help experienced and beginners in the field of SEO. With our Yoast Academy, we teach thousands of students the arts and crafts of SEO. Focusing on practical guidance, we created this free SEO for beginners training, to help you understand search engines and improve and further optimize your website.

This Yoast Academy course introduces you to all aspects of search engine optimization (SEO). This ranges from how Google decides what search result to show first, to optimizing your website’s structure and content. In this easy-to-understand course, we’ll pave the way for better SEO and website optimization from now on.

After this training, you will know:

– How search engines work, how they read websites, and what you can do to rank higher in their search results. With this understanding, it will be easier to focus on the right elements of search engine optimization for your specific website and target audience.

– How people find you: what do they type into Google? If you know that, you can make sure you’re offering the information they’re looking for! A hammer’s main purpose isn’t to drive nails into a wall, its purpose is to hang a painting (for instance). Make sure you’re not caught up in your own perception of your product or services.

– What kind of content ranks high in Google, and how you should optimize your text for that. Using our actionable tips and recommendations, you’ll be able to write compelling content that ranks better. Better rankings for the right content equals better quality visitors!

– Find out why the structure of your site is important, and how to optimize yours. Make it as easy as possible for search engines and Google to visit any and all pages on your site. And put focus on the most important ones in the process, of course!

– Learn how to check if you’re blocking Google from indexing your site, and how to fix that. It just happens way too often that certain pages are blocked from Google somehow, leaving you wondering why you are not getting visitors. Learn how to check and prevent that.

– Understand how to get those fancy search results that include pictures, or even ratings. Using so-called rich snippets, you might help Google to show your search result in a more prominent way, tailored to their visitors. This will obviously help you gain traffic!

There is so much more! This really is the first step in understanding what you need to do so your website actually gets found. It’s full of hands-on tips so you can get right to work!Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in starting a website and/or improving (the findability of) their website!
  • Aspiring SEO consultants that want to kick-start their career.
  • Experienced people in SEO that want to freshen up their knowledge.
  • Business owners that want to understand SEO themselves.
  • Webmasters, copywriters, web developers.
  • Users of the Yoast SEO plugin that want to understand more of SEO.
  • Basically, anyone who’d like to know more about SEO!

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