Beginners Landing Page Course





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Beginners Landing Page Course

How to Double your Conversions with Landing Pages

What you’ll learn

  • How to create a landing page from scratch
  • The essential elements that make up a high converting landing page
  • The ability to design any landing page you want without coding or programming
  • How to start building a list by using landing pages
  • How to improve your website sales through the use of landing pages
  • The main tools that assist in creating and publishing landing pages even if you are an beginner


  • An interest in landing pages and online marketing
  • It would help if you have an existing offer or website, but its not essential as I will show you how to create landing pages without a website and without hosting
  • Use a computer and a phone to view the landing pages covered in this course so that you can see how each landing page gets optimized for the mobile phone.


Are you seeking a way to get more leads to your offer?

Do you have a main website or blog but your traffic is not converting?

Are you building a list and want to know how to boost your conversions?

Why use Landing Pages?

A proven method for getting more leads, conversions and sales is to use landing pages. A landing page is a targeted, product specific advertisement.

You use landing pages because they help you

   * Capture better quality leads

   * Significantly reduce the costs of getting those leads

   * And today, you dont even need to hire expensive programmers or designers to create them

Ive created this course for anyone who is looking for a do-it-yourself solution to landing pages. And instead of spending money on programmers you can spend it on your marketing and get more leads.

What you will learn in this Landing Page Course?

Inside this course you will learn:

  • The different types of landing pages and when should you use each one for maximum conversions
  • The main elements that create a highly converting landing page so that you can design and develop any landing page you like and be sure that its setup for high conversions.
  • The Easiest way to create your own landing pages without coding
  • Optional: Best Landing Pages with WordPress

And at the end of this course you will be a landing page expert, and you will be able to create any landing page you can imagine without spending hundreds of dollars on programmers and designers.

My method is fast, easy and proven to work. Enroll today and discover the secrets of highly converting landing page.

Author(s): Tom Wiztek

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