Git And Github Basics




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Git And Github Basics

Learn GIT and GitHub Basics for Beginners – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the key concepts of the Git source control system
  • Compare the different states in Git and compare between branches and commits
  • Create and fork repositories on GitHub and push changes back after working after working on them locally
  • Step through the entire Git workflow
  • Create branches and resolve merge conflicts like a pro


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Git Complete

This course is designed to be a comprehensive approach to Git, which means no prior knowledge or experience is required but students will emerge at the end with a very solid understanding and hands-on experience with Git and related source control concepts.

Course Outline

Quick Start by providing you the detials of Git architecture.

In Basic Commands, we walk through all the foundational commands needed to start a new project managed by Git (or enable Git for an existing project) all the way through making commits, including common file operations.

With a strong foundation in place, we explore ways to make Comparisons in Git, including all the different local states, between commits, and between local and remote repositories.

We give great attending to Branching and Merging in Git. We start off with the simple “happy path” and learn about “Fast-Forward” merges and how to control them. The we walk through common “automatic” merges. Finally, we cause trouble on purpose so we can step through resolving conflicting merges with our visual merge tool.

Screencasts provide a video of the instructor’s computer system with any actions, commands, or screens displayed and narrated.

Moving Forward

This course will expand periodically to include more topics, supporting materials and bonus content! Some content may be in direct response to student feedback or discussions — so get engaged with the course discussions feature!

Author(s): Naresh Shewakramani

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