Javascript From Scratch In One Hour 2020





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Javascript From Scratch In One Hour 2020

Learn the basis of JavaScript, including programming fundamentals you can take to Java, PHP, Python and Node.js – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Write JavaScript basic applications
  • Know basic programming construction


  • Basic computer access
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and web page structure


JavaScriptcan help revitalize your htmlpages.

JavaScript along with HTML and CSS are the 3 core languages of the internet.

This course was created specifically to help you learn, all the basic JavaScript.And lay a powerful foundation for beginners in writing JavaScript code.

  • Learn types in JavaScript
  • Working with variables, how to hold values and manipulate with variables
  • Consider what are the arrays and objects in JavaScript
  • Functionsis a very powerful tool that allows you to execute bunch of code just by referring to the function name.
  • Scopes in JavaScript
  • Speed upwork with JavaScript methods
  • Conditions and switch statements allows execute different code depending of the conditions.
  • Save time withLoops
  • Source code used within the course is also provided
  • Everything you need to learn JavaScript and more

You will be amazed at how easy it is to start writing JavaScript code. It will be a wonderful trip. Let’s begin write JavaScript code.

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