Learn Maya – Character Head Modeling for Beginners





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Learn Maya – Character Head Modeling for Beginners

This course will open your path towards character modeling. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Create good facial topology
  • Eyes modeling
  • Nose modeling
  • Mouth modeling
  • Ear modeling


  • You should know basic maya Interface and function.


Explore the wonderful world of Autodesk Maya withthis comprehensive introductory course. Maya is an industry standard 3dapplication used to createmovies, games and graphics. In thiscourse you will learn to create a character head. 

Learn the fundamentals ofcharacter modeling

  • Basic blocking
  • Topology for animation
  • Refining face features
  • Modeling tools
  • Maya hair

Benefits of LearningMaya for Beginners

Maya is an industry standard application that is used by manyhigh-end productions. By learning it you make yourself moreemployable.It has a flexible and wide toolset that can help youcreate high quality work quicker. This course is specifically designedto ease you into Maya, showing you the most common and powerful tools.It is a project based course that will teach you practical skills thatyou can use in your own work. This course comes with all the projectfiles you need and work in progress files incase you get stuck.

Structure of this course

This course has three sections:


In this section you will learn the course overview.

Blocking the head

In this section you will learn How to create the eyeball, nose, mouth, cheek, forehead and skull blocking.

Creating the topology for animation.

Refining the head

In this section you will learn How to refine lip


eye lashes

Refining nose

How to model realistic ear

How to use maya Hair

Author(s): Nalini Kanta Jena

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