Technology And Social Media Orientation For Businessman





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Technology And Social Media Orientation For Businessman

Technology and Social Media orientation for Businessman – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • How to start a business
  • How to use Facebook Live
  • Make Effective use of Social media


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My name is Rehan Allahwala. I am in the field of technology for 30 years and make my living in the same field. I have been working as a volunteer to eradicate poverty from Pakistan since 2010. I found the Internet and social media to be the best tool that can help me achieve my goal. With social media, we convey our thoughts to millions of people in seconds.

Social media is a real power that every Pakistani has in their hands, something that even the president of the US didn’t have 20 years ago.

Author(s): Rehan Allahwala

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