Practical Beginners Course To Serverless Applications





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Practical Beginners Course To Serverless Applications

Hands on course of all the basics that you need to get started building applications with AWS and Serverless Framework – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Students will be able to get started with AWS Lambda with Serverless Framework
  • Students will get started with DynamoDB
  • Students will get started with CloudWatch


  • Javascript knowledge
  • Usage of the terminal


The adoption of serverless computing is increasing over the years. Serverless is a great technology to save costs in the development of new applications. Also it reduces the time to market.

So why not to get started learning it?Serverless is the future and lots of companies are starting to adopt it now as the technology is becoming more mature.

In addition,AWSis the most popular cloud provider when it comes to running serverless loads and also for traditional computing.

So this course is the right course for you if you want to get started with Serverless, if you want to improve in your career and become a more desired hire, if you want to start a new project at work and you want to try the latest technologies, if you want to get started with cloud but you don’t want to get started with servers and virtual machines.


In this course you will learn all the basic conceptsthat you need in order to get started building serverless application with AWS and Serverless Framework.

  • You will learn how to create an AWSaccount and secure it
  • You will learn what is Serverless Framework and how to install it
  • You will run your first AWSLambda
  • You will learn about APIGateway
  • You will be deploying your whole Serverless application as infrastructure as code
  • You will learn about DynamoDB
  • You will learn the basics of monitoring with CloudWatch


  • In order to take this course you don’t need to have any previous knowledge on AWSor Serverless.
  • You just need to know some Javascript and have the basic understanding on how to build backends.
  • You will need access to a phone and a credit card to configure your AWSaccount (don’t worry you wont get charged for any activity done in this course as it all falls in the AWSfree tier)

Author(s): Marcia Villalba

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