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Udemy Course Creation – Free Training – Unofficial

Udemy Course Creation – Answers to the top 12 questions new Udemy instructors ask & learn how to Teach Online on Udemy – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Understand How Udemy Works
  • Understand What Type Of Course To Create
  • Understand What Equipment You Will Need
  • Understand The Basic Marketing Principles That Work On Udemy
  • Understand How To Treat Udemy As A Business Opportunity


  • You will need access to the internet
  • You will need to be willing to learn some new skills


This course is not sponsored by or affiliated withUdemy,Inc.

Udemy Course Business Building

New To Udemy?

Are you new to Udemy and want to learn what all the fuss is about?

This short introductory course will answer some of the basic questions you have about Udemy and how you can build a business on the platform.

Don’t Waste Your Time Re-inventing The Wheel!

You can waste a lot of time trying to figure out how Udemy works, this course is designed to get some of the basic questions and issues out of the way so you can get on with your Udemy adventure.

What You Will Learn In This Course:

In this course we will give you some key shortcuts to get you creating a profitable Udemy business and get you started creating Udemy courses quickly.

You will learn what Udemy is and how it works.

You will learn what types of courses you can create.

You will learn some basic equipment choices you can make.

You will also learn how to think about building a business on Udemy

Topics Covered In This Course:

  1. What Is Udemy?
  2. What Can I Teach On Udemy?
  3. How Much Money Can I Earn On Udemy?
  4. Should My First Udemy Course Be Free Or Paid? 
  5. What Style Of Udemy Course Should I Produce?
  6. What Camera Do I Need To Film A Udemy Course?
  7. What Microphone Do I Need To Record A Udemy Course?
  8. What Lighting Do I Need To Film A Udemy Course?
  9. What Software Do I Need For Creating A Udemy Course? 
  10. Where Do I Start With Marketing My Course On Udemy? 
  11. How Do I Market My Udemy Course Outside Of Udemy?
  12. How Do I Grow My Online Teaching Business Beyond Udemy? 

Join Me On The Other Side:

So join me on the other side in this short introduction to Udemy and learn how you can create an income stream on Udemy.

Author(s): Mark Timberlake

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