Gdrive File Folder Manager With Google Apps Script Sheets





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Gdrive File Folder Manager With Google Apps Script Sheets

Explore how you can create a fully functional Google App Connecting GDrive content – Search and return results – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Google Apps Script DriveApp Class
  • Search GDrive and get data results
  • Use of Google Apps Script to create an application
  • Images in emails as inline and attachments
  • Drive Files handling and details
  • Modal popup in Bound Script


  • JavaScript
  • Prior coding experience
  • Google Apps Script coding experience


Explore using Google Apps Script to connect to GDrive content, search drive and return results back to your custom popup modal.  Select File and Folder contents, return results and use within Google Apps Script.  Display images, email images inline and as attachments, add file information to your spreadsheet.

JavaScript and Google Apps Script are prerequisites to this course – DO NOT TAKE this course without prior coding experience.

  • Course covers using Google Script to search Drive contents, returning files and folder data.  
  • Create a modal popup that shows HTML page code, JavaScript on the client side to create interactive and dynamic popup app
  • Perfect course to explore more about Google Apps Script and how it can be used to create powerful applications 
  • This is a starter project to illustrate how Google Apps Script can connect to Drive Search, Send emails with files by ID as attachments and inline images.
  • Search and get data 
  • Update add to data to spreadsheet from the popup modal
  • Link to drive images
  • Use of Blobs in driveApp and file conversion.

Source Code is included.

Taught by an instructor with many years of web development experience.  Google Developer Expert for G Suite. Ready to help you learn more about Google Apps Script.  With fast and friendly support within the Q&A section.

Are you ready to build you own version of the app, make it even better, do more….   What are you waiting for see what you can do with Google Apps Script! Join NOW.

Author(s): Laurence Svekis

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