Learn C / C++ Programming Language From Scratch (beginners)





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Learn C / C++ Programming Language From Scratch (beginners)

This course is for those students who are new to programming and want to make their base of programming. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Create C/C++ programs and will have command over basic programming
  • Will know the basic concept of computer language
  • Will be able to code
  • Will be ready to learn other languages like Java


  • Basic knowledge about software and a computer with an internet connection
  • A compiler mentioned in lectures
  • Interest is the main thing


This course is specially designed for beginners.A good lecture length is 2-7 minutes, to keep students interested and help them study in short bursts,therefore all the lectures are made short and in easy words so that the students take interest and don’t get boor.Student can easily take a break so that they could refresh their mind.Hope so you’ll learn from it.Feel free to ask questions. 

Author(s): Salman Khan

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