Modern Vocabulary For The Contemporary Learner





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Modern Vocabulary For The Contemporary Learner

Learn widely-used, contemporary vocabulary that has been added to English dictionaries over the last ten years. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Student will learn, practice, and master widely used English vocabulary that has been added to the dictionary in the last ten years.


  • Students should have an intermediate level English skill.


In this course, you will learn contemporary vocabulary–vocabulary that has come into common use over the past ten years. (This course is short. Additional lessons will be added based on student response and feedback. Please take some time to review the course review the course, so I can if I should add more lessons.)Much of this vocabulary has arisendue to advances in technology, social media proliferation, and our need to correctly describe an ever changing world.

Each lesson is interactive. You will be asked to pause the video throughout lessons to respond to prompts and questions.The course provides speaking andlisteningpractice to fully immerse you in the target language, allowing you toeasily transition your new knowledge and skillsinto a real life situation.

Author(s): Joe Grandy

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