Master Java Web Application With Spring Boot Like Pro





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Master Java Web Application With Spring Boot Like Pro

Learn how to use Spring boot, Spring Data JPA, RESTful API. Sharpen your skills and become the next Spring Boot Pro. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to create a Java Backend application like PRO
  • Explore how to create a Spring Boot project MVC and how to set up the best architecture for the project
  • Master the POWER of SPRING BOOT – Auto Configuration, Spring Initializr and Starter Projects
  • Master designing and developing RESTful API with Spring Boot
  • Learn to Connect RESTful API to a Database using JPA and HIBERNATE with Spring Boot
  • Examine developing and using standard and custom Repository to implement CRUD as part of Spring Data JPA
  • Master Spring Data JPA and take a look at Hibernate CRUD


  • Basic Java Knowledge is required
  • Eclipse or any Java IDE, Java and maven must be installed in the working environment
  • Basic Spring Framework Knowledge is better but not required


The main goal of Spring Boot Framework is to reduce Development, Unit Test and Integration Test time and to ease the development of Production ready web applications very easily compared to existing Spring Framework, which really takes more time. To provide some defaults to quick start new projects within no time.

The course will  : 

  • Help to start a Java web application from scratch With Spring Boot.
  • Help to set up the best architecture for the project and follow the best practice for internal architecture.
  • Help to master RESTful API
  • Help to master Data JPA
  • Help to learn some tips about Hibernate
  • Give an excellent head start with creating Restful web services!
  • Provide you with the technical words and tips to expand your knowledge on Spring Boot and its components

Author(s): Toufic Talib

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