Google Hacks For Entrepreneurs: Master The Search Engine





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Google Hacks For Entrepreneurs: Master The Search Engine

From niche marketing to productivity and G-Suite, master the tools Google has to offer to boost your online business.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to identify trends within your niche and elevate your business.
  • Everything you need to start publishing with Google (extra exposure!)
  • Use “under-the-radar” marketing methods to boost your profits.
  • Leverage Google’s technology to increase your profits, productivity, and leads.
  • The quick and easy way to get your business listed for free on Google!
  • Access 18 different checklists and quizzes that will walk you through Google AdWords you step-by-step.
  • Learn all about G-Suite and the different functions it offers!


  • Ideally, you should have a business – however, even if you don’t, you can still learn!
  • Internet access.


If I could show you a way to make more income and increase your productivity using Google’s tools and software, would you be interested?

When you think of Google, you think of a search engine – and maybe an email provider. But the truth is, Google is a powerful tool. With hidden functions and the ever-so-popular G-Suite, Google gives business owners & entrepreneurs the opportunity to uncover keywords and niches, advertise their business, communicate and collaborate directly with clients and keep their information secure. 

Google Hacks For Entrepreneurs: Master The Search Engine is a step-by-step, over-the-shoulder walkthrough, designed to give you the tools to kickstart your business using Google. 

The first section is all about research. Even Google Search is more than a simple search engine. You will learn a little-known way to find low competition keywords that you can target, find which keywords your competitions are ranking for and how to prevent Google from indexing webpages you don’t want index. 

The second section is all about Google Alerts & Trends. You will learn how the experts position themselves on social media with the latest breaking news for your niche and how to use Google Trends for your advantage. 

The third section is all about productivity. No business becomes sustainable without consistency and productivity! Turn your browser into a timer, manage your calendar correctly & use this secret tool to help you stay on top of your game.

The fourth section is all about client communication. Google offers two extraordinary tools for client communication: Google Hangouts (perfect for high-ticket webinars!) and Google Groups. If you’re teaching online, working with clients or using webinars to convert prospective customers, this is for you. 

The fifth section is all about G-Suite. Google allows you to keep your information safe, collaborate with other creators and even create promotional videos – all from the safety and comfort of your drive!

The sixth section is all about Google’s ‘Under-The-Radar’ business tools. Learn all about listing your business on Google (for free!), how to publish your blog & newsletters for free (!) and how to find global niches you can take advantage of. Clients from all over the world are at the tip of your fingers!

The final section is all about advertising. Targeted traffic has never been easier! Whether you want to run your own ads using AdWords or profit off other people’s ads using AdSense, this section will teach you how. Add an extra revenue stream or acquire new clients – the choice is yours! 

Please be aware this is a beginner’s course. AdSense and AdWords are platforms that have in-depth, Google-certified courses dedicated to them. This is meant to help you get your ads and revenue up and running.

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