Build Three Custom, Functional Websites In Django 3.0





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Build Three Custom, Functional Websites In Django 3.0

Build funcionalities with Django on HTML themes

What you’ll learn

  • How to install,create and activate virtual environment
  • How to create Django project
  • How to create Django app
  • How to connect HTML template with Django backend
  • How to use Bootstrap
  • How to build blog section
  • How to use Django filters to filter content
  • How to work with Django forms
  • How to build authentication system
  • How to build comments system


  • Linux system
  • Understanding of Django basics


In this course you will learn how to build websites in Django form scratch, how to use django-filters, build comments and authentication systems, how to connect theme to a Django backend. First website wil be portfolio website with blog section, secon one will be website for interior design studio, and third one will be elearning website.

Author(s): Ivana Usorac

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