How To Create A Stunning Website For Free With Google Sites





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How To Create A Stunning Website For Free With Google Sites

Quick and easy learning how to use Google Sites to create professional sites. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Students With learn how to build a modern, stylish Website for free


  • Gmail Account


     This course is for:

– anyone wants a simple but effective way to create a Website 

– anyone who wants to take the first step in Web Design 

– anyone who wants to learn how to create Websites to sell the service 

     This course will explain all the steps required to create, build, and publish a professional-looking website in Google Sites. When you use Google Sites, you learn 21st century skills. This is the simplest and best first step in Web Design. Possible uses could include developing a professional portfolio, a business website, class website, event website and a wide range of other reasons to have a web presence. Web design can be difficult. With Google Sites it’s also easy to get professional. This course will walk you through the web design process and show you how to integrate images, videos, Google maps, and more. You will have a great site that can be managed and stands out from the crowd. You will be amazed at how easy it is to make a website and use a service that you can use several times in the future.

Author(s): Anton Cristian

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