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Ielts Masterclass: Ielts Listening

Bag band 7+ in IELTS examination – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Confidence to target 7+ bands
  • Open the gates of multiple universities across the entire globe
  • Explore more jobs overseas
  • Immigrate quicker by standing out with maximum score


  • Time
  • Dedication
  • Apply the teachings
  • Increase vocabulary


Want to crack IELTS with the best band score? Do you wish to study in an English speaking country such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand or United Kingdom? If yes, then you have landed on to the correct course.

The IELTS Masterclass: IELTS Listening course is carefully designed to help you with the ways to deal with the variety of question types in IELTS Listening tasks. A smarter way to prepare for the most interesting examination, this is a very detailed course available online.

What is IELTS?

IELTS is International English Language Testing System. It is the most standardized English proficiency examination for anybody who wish to immigrate or study abroad. Students who aspire to earn a degree or relocate to countries like Australia, the UK or Canada will have to take up this examination. In IELTS, there is no cultural bias in accepting any native-speech of English such as New Zealand, Australian, British or North American English.

What are the versions of IELTS?

It is available in two versions Academic and General Training. Academic is for students applying for professional courses or higher education, whereas General Training is for those who wish to migrate or work abroad.

What is Academic IELTS or IELTS for study?

As the name suggests, Academic IELTS is the examination that assesses the willingness of an applicant training or academic studying in English. This test is for those who want to pursue any degree of higher education in abroad countries. The content and questions of a few parts of the test are focused on academic knowledge.

What is General Training IELTS or IELTS for work or IELTS for migration

General Training is for candidates who want to settle down as an immigrant or work in IELTS accepting countries. Use of English language every day, in business and in social situations, is tested in General Training IELTS. Similar to the Academic IELTS test, a few sections of the General Training test are based on social and everyday situations.

What are the sections of IELTS?

IELTS is divided Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The listening section is further divided in 4 sections, reading is divided in 3, writing in 2 and speaking in 3. Each sub-section has its own structured way to answer. In this course, we are looking at the tentative question types of IELTS Listening.

What is the Listening section of IELTS?

IELTS Listening has 4 separate sections. You will have to answer 40, 42 or 44 questions as you listen. The test is spread through 30 minutes. You get an extra 10 minutes to transfer the answers to the answer sheet. The level of difficulty increases through the paper. 

How is the Listening test of IELTS divided?

The first section is a conversation between two people talking about a social situation. For example, a conversation in a library or an accommodation agency.

The second section deals with a monologue. Here, one person talks about an everyday social situation such as important marine animals or a talk about local facilities.

The third section is a conversation between up to 4 people set in a training context or an educational assignment. In this section, you can also find a group of students discussing a research project.

The fourth and the last section in the toughest of all. Here, you will listen to a person giving an academic lecture.   

The task is marked on 4 criteria Task Response, Coherence and Cohesion, Vocabulary and Grammar. Each criterion weighs 25% of the task score.

What is IELTS Masterclass: IELTS Listening course all about?

The course is divided in 3 main sections.

In the first section, you are introduced to the IELTS examination.

In the second section, the IELTS Masterclass: IELTS Listening test, to the core, is discussed.

In the third section, we go through the quick-win strategies to hone your skill set.

Each part successfully takes you to the next level till you are through with all the types architecturally explained in IELTS Masterclass: IELTS Listening.

Learning every step is very critical because each step carries marks. The structure elucidated in the course helps you with ways to score the maximum in each marking criteria of IELTS Listening.

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