Paint 360art To Facebook In Photoshop





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Paint 360art To Facebook In Photoshop

Paint your own 360 panorama artwork in Photoshop and share it on facebook feed

What you’ll learn

  • With this course you can paint a 360 panorama artwork and you can share it on facebook.
  • With this course students can learn about painting 360 panorama picture
  • With this course students can learn about perspective drawing


  • Students need to have computer:) Windows or OSX. and Photoshop
  • Students need to have minimal Photoshop skills


Wanna do some cool content for your Facebook page? Join me and lets do together a 360 panorama picture from your own artwork!

I will show you every step to have a new and engaging content on your page.

I will draw digital art in Photoshop  with my bonus materials that I made for this course to paint an exciting landscape. 

I will also show you my tips on how to define shadows in the panorama.

Finally, I will add a special attribution to our work so after that you can post and share it.

Try my course and show your art to your friends.

Author(s): Peter Nagy

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