Create 3d Animation Professional With Plotagon 2020





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Create 3d Animation Professional With Plotagon 2020

how to create 3d flim animation and modeling -texture -rig rendar same (maya-3d max-blender) with smartphone or ipad – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Download the best version of the app on mobiles, computers and iPads
  • Having a book with the course.
  • Analyze all the threads in the app on your iPad, computer and mobile.
  • How Character Modeling Character.
  • How to make clothes and hair and accessories.
  • How texture and reg.
  • How to move a character.
  • How to use green screen.
  • How to use the camera.
  • Learn animation techniques.
  • How to make Render the best.
  • Learn to use more than two characters in one story.


  • you need computer or ipad or phone
  • you need internet connection


In this series we will talk about making animated films easily and quickly. This course starts from the beginning to the highest level

The student does not have to have information about the animation and does not have a very good computer for the animation work and the student

if we do not have a computer we have a special tutorial for the iPad and mobile With the course there is a book for more understanding of the topics

and for those who are fluent in English we will be introducing them to understanding and discussing how to use the Green Screen in the Plotagon.

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