Create Energy Effects Trapcode Particular In After Effects





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Create Energy Effects Trapcode Particular In After Effects

Particles Energy

What you’ll learn

  • Trapcode Particular


  • Adobe After Effects and Trapcode Particular 4 Plugin


Hey guys !

Welcome to this course where you will learn how to create the energy effects that we usually see in the Hollywood movies with Adobe After Effects using a plugin called Trapcode Particular . I am a self taught designer with an experience of 6 years so I understand what it takes to learn from tutorial and I have framed this course accordingly so that it’s comprehensive and easy to understanding without skipping any steps in the processThis course is designed in such a way that it explains all the basic concepts of the plugin and then moving forward explains all the techniques needed to create this High Quality Energy Effects. It’s a step by step approach in learning.

The energy effect created can be created only with 3D softwares but in this course we see how it is possible to create the energy effect with Trapcode Particular . We also learn to colorize the energy with any color and how to improvise the look of the effect . So even if you don’t have this plugin you can learn how to do a vibrance color correction look in Adobe After Effects which can applied to any other footage too

This course will make sure you are able to create your own energy effects VFX Even if you just started with After Effects this class will help you to accomplish the energy effects!

Author(s): Shubham Ganer

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