Email Marketing Mastery In 2020





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Email Marketing Mastery In 2020

Learn how to create your email list and send email campaigns on autopilot

What you’ll learn

  • How to run your own email marketing campaigns
  • How to send emails to your subscribers on autopilot
  • The best ways to capture new leads and add them to your email list
  • How to design your own landing pages without coding


  • No prior experience is required
  • No coding or programming is required as everything can be done using a click and drag interface


In this course you will learn the best practices of email marketing for capturing leads, sending emails and growing your customers.


Did you know that most people check their email first thing in the morning?

Or whenever they have a break they take out their phone and browse through their emails.

In fact, email checking has become habitual for many people. If you build a list of targeted users then your emails will be read.

Especially since now most people have smartphones and have linked their email account to their phones.

For that very reason I believe you need to use email marketing.

Another advantage of email marketing is that its essentially a traffic source that you own.

Paying for traffic can be expensive. If you are spending on Google Ads or Facebook ads, you will get traffic. But its costly and once you stop advertising you stop getting traffic.

But if you have a list full of potential customers, and previous customers, you can send emails regularly and have a dependable source of traffic.

And this is much warmer traffic than Google or Facebook, because people already know who you are and what you offer.

Which brings me to another thing because its warmer traffic, your conversion rates will be higher.

Compared to paid ads, social ads, YouTube marketing, * email is still ranked as the top traffic source for leads and conversions.

So, how do you start to build your own list?

Thats the purpose of this class.

If you havent started email marketing, or you are just getting started then inside this training youll get a full overview of the techniques of email marketing.

Here’s a fraction of what you’ll learn inside:

  • Youll learn how to setup your FROM email address so that your campaigns look professional
  • How to create an email list and set it up for new subscribers
  • The best ways to add subscribers to your list
  • Youll learn how to start building your list even if you dont have a website
  • And, how to automate sending email campaigns
  • And much, much more

Join this course and get started growing your business with email marketing.

Author(s): Tom Wiztek

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