Ethical Hacking Using Python Course





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Ethical Hacking Using Python Course

Learn to hack using python. Become an ethical hacker from scratch

What you’ll learn

  • Setting Up Your Python
  • Creating TCP Client, UDP Client and TCP Server
  • Replacing Netcat Using Python
  • Building a TCP Proxy
  • SSH Tunneling
  • Owning the Network – Stealing Email Credentials
  • ARP Cache Poisoning


  • Having a computer
  • Wanting to learn programming in python
  • no experience required


Welcome this great course where you’ll learn python programming and ethical hacking at the same time, the course assumes you have NO prior knowledge in any of these topics, and by the end of it you’ll be at a high intermediate level being able to combine both of these skills and write python programs to hack into computer systems exactly the same way that black hat hackers do, and use the programming skills you learn to write any program even if it has nothing to do with hacking.

Author(s): MdJahidul Said, M Tech

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