Google Tag Manager Course 2020- From Beginner To Advanced





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Google Tag Manager Course 2020- From Beginner To Advanced

Expand your Digital Marketing Skillset with Google Tag Manage. Master Google Tag Manager in this course from scratch

What you’ll learn

  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) Account Set up
  • Installing GTM to a WordPress Website
  • GTM Interface Overview
  • Adding Google Analytics Tag through GTM
  • Adding Twitter Universal Website Tag through GTM
  • Adding LinkedIn Insight Tag through GTM
  • Setting up Google Ads Remarketing Tag through GTM
  • Setting Up Google Ads Conversion Tracking Tag through GTM
  • Setting up Scroll Depth Tracking through GTM
  • Setting up Custom User Engagement Timer through GTM
  • Tracking Embedded You Tube Videos through GTM
  • Adding Facebook Pixel through GTM
  • Element Visibility Tracking through GTM
  • Custom Button Click Tracking through GTM
  • Tracking External Link Click through GTM
  • Setting up Hotjar Tracking Code through GTM
  • Setting up Hubspot Tracking Code through GTM
  • Using Data Layer with GTM
  • Adding Dynamic Data in Data Layer and creating Custom Events in GTM
  • Capturing Javascript Errors through GTM
  • Tracking Ad Blockers through GTM
  • Tracking Downloads through GTM
  • …… And a lot more. In short we will be covering everything related to Google Tag Manager


  • No. This course covers everything from beginner to advanced


Google Tag Manager (GTM) is the cornerstone and foundation of any Digital Marketing and Digital Analytics Strategy. This is because y need to measure the impact of your marketing activity in order to make right decisions. For this you need to set up tags that capture user behavior as events in Google Analytics. For creating tags you cannot run to your developers every time and this is where GTM comes into use . GTM is a marketer’s tool to deploy tags without the help of developers and track user behavior.

In this course we have covered everything related to GTM starting from how to set up GTM right up to how how you should be deploying tags through GTM

So if you want to dive into the world of Google Tag Manager, this course is tailor made for you.

Author(s): Sheshank Anand

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