Mastering Facebook Lead Ads





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Mastering Facebook Lead Ads

Learn to Generate Leads using Facebook Lead Ads – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to Create Successful Marketing Campaigns
  • Learn to Craft Successful Marketing Ads
  • Learn about Target Audiences
  • Create Facebook Lead Ads
  • Generate Leads using Facebook Lead Ads
  • Troubleshoot Ads Delivery
  • Measure Ads Performance and Download Leads


  • Smartphone or Laptop with Internet Connection
  • Facebook Account
  • Facebook Page with Admin Rights
  • Basic Knowledge to use Spreadsheet Application such as Excel.


This course will teach you the simple, powerful, quick and straight forward method to generate leads. No frills and No hightech jargons are used. The concepts are explained in simple language. The complete process is demonstrated in video format. Easy to learn and perform for anyone who is capable of using facebook page and spreadsheet application.

Author(s): John GS

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