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Social Media For Online Lecturers With Laurel Papworth

Create & Use Facebook and Website for social media promotion of your Udemy course. [Unofficial] – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • create and manage a Facebook Page to promote their Udemy courses
  • create and update their blog and website to promote their Udemy courses


  • have a computer, Mac or PC
  • recommend creating a basic Facebook personal profile if not already
  • have an idea what their Udemy course will be about and who it will be for.


“This course is not sponsored or affiliated with Udemy, Inc”:This course is presented by Laurel Papworth, lecturer University of Sydney, Forbes Magazine Top 50Social Media Influencers and AdAge Power150 Media & Marketing Bloggers.

It often seems to new lecturers that the successful lecturers on Udemy already have a “big following”or have a large “email database”or a lot of Likes and Followers on Facebook and Twitter. Are you interested in setting up a Facebook Page and creating a website/blog in WordPress to promote your Udemy course? There are two sections:

  1. Creating a Facebook Page for your Udemy Course
  2. Create a WordPress website specifically tostart promoting your Udemycourses.

FROMSMALLTOBIG:We all had to start somewhere:My name is Laurel Papworth andIhave over 240,000 followers on social media, and connect with 4 million people regularly each month. Ihave worked on social media projects for TVshows (Jnr Masterchef, Idol, Big Brother), not for profits (UNHCR) and overseas (MBC Saudi Arabia, Department Defence Singapore).It’s taken me ages adn lots of mistakes to get there. Let’s make sure you don’t make the same mistakes and quickly get on the road to success. InTHIS course you gostep by step through the “secrets”that the big companies use to get millions of FacebookLikes, and the key tips and tricks to engage and promote your Udemy course on your website/blog (which you’ll build from scratch in WordPress!).

READY?If you are ready to start promoting your Udemycourse on social media, or if you are about tostart/finish recording your Udemycourse but want to be ready to market it on Facebook, or if you are just interested in key tactics for social media marketing and blogging, lets get started!

INTHISCOURSEIwill take you through how to promote a course online (mine is a fictitious course on How to Make Breakfast)and also revealwhat Idid to build my following and business online, including that Iregularly travel the world to present my courses live in Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and the rest of Asia. My students have also asked me to write for major newspapers, to present at their international conferences and to come inhouse to run workshops for them and their staff. If you become successful on Udemy you will find success in other areas of teaching and public presenting and consulting!

YOUARE:A Udemy lecturer (now or in the near future):

  • Very knowledgeable on your subject whether it’s baking or cars or the stock exchange but are not so confident in social media marketing, blogging and Facebooking. But you’ll be up and running in no time!
  • Concerned as you have a Facebook Page or Group for your students but it just doesn’t seem to be doing a lot.Let’s fix that!
  • Not very technical and don’t have a website and don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be!

FACEBOOKWe start with Facebook Pages – did you know that Facebook chooses who it will show your Page to, and who will NOT see your updates even if they LIKEyour Page? It’s called FBO(Facebook Optimisation)and is similar to SEO(egGoogle’s Search Engine Optimisation)Let’s get that set up correctly from the beginning (or fix your Page along the way).

WEBSITE/BLOGThe we get your website set up toproperly promote your courses.Don’t just put up a website with”about the lecturer, “special discounts on my courses”and”keynote speaker” pages:let’s get your website working with Udemy and with Facebook and YouTube and Instagram and Twitter.

COURSEINFORMATION:You’ll receive howto videos that screencast (demonstrate on my screen)what you can do. Don’t forget to pause and rewind and follow along! Also a workbook for you to download &fill in as well as a Q&Aforum – don’t forget to include links to your website, Facebook Twitter, YouTube etc in the discussions!

Author(s): Laurel Papworth, AdAge Magazine

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