Total Beginner Guitar





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Total Beginner Guitar

Start playing guitar from the very beginning! – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • How to play guitar from the very start
  • Learn basic chords
  • Learn songs
  • How to play your first song
  • Learn how to strum
  • Learn major and minor chords


  • Nope! This course will cover all the basics.


If you’ve ever wanted to start either acoustic or electric guitar, now is the time! Playing guitar is the most fun hobby because you can express emotions and creativity, connect with and play music with other people, and bring people joy! This course will help make sure you get a strong start learning all your basic major and minor chords, how to strum, and a few songs. I’ll be teaching mainly on acoustic, but everything applies to electric guitar too! Once you are done, you will have the perfect foundation to learn and play new songs and jam with friends!

Author(s): Haley Powers

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