Ethical Wifi Hacking Course





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Ethical Wifi Hacking Course

A comprehensive hacking guide. Learn WiFi hacking using this course

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Some Of The Basics
  • Vulnerabilities and Exploits
  • The Hacker’s Toolkit
  • Gaining Access
  • Malicious Activity and Coding
  • Wireless Hacking
  • Let’s Hack WiFi


  • Basic IT Skills.
  • A basic understanding of computers.


Before jumping into hacking, you’ll first learn how to gather comprehensive information about the target website, then the course is divided into a number of sections, each section covers how to discover, exploit and mitigate a common web application vulnerability, for each vulnerability you will first learn the basic exploitation, then you will learn advanced techniques to bypass security, escalate your privileges, access the database, and even use the hacked websites to hack into other websites on the same server.From here onwards you’ll learn everything by example, by discovering vulnerabilities and exploiting them to hack into websites, so we’ll never have any dry boring theoretical lectures.

Author(s): Abdul Motin, Marufa Yasmin

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