The Complete Amazon Kindle Kdp Publishing For Beginners 2020





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The Complete Amazon Kindle Kdp Publishing For Beginners 2020

learn amazon kindle KDP publishing all kind of books and ebooks from A to Z – LCB & NCB & coloring books & ebooks & more – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • publishing your books on the amazon KDP.
  • how to design a book cover (as a PDF) from a to z very easy and in a very short time (less than five minutes).
  • how to design to content book as a PDF so it can be ready to be publish in amazon kindle platform.
  • how to make a low content books for kids and how to make activity books for kids. (from a to z)
  • how to calculate to right Sizes for your books covers and your books content using free websites, so you won’t have size issues in your books when you publish them in the kindle platform.
  • how to choose to right keywords to your books so they can be found easily on amazon.
  • publishing LCB (low content books) on amazon
  • publishing NCB (no content books) on amazon like notebooks and journals
  • publishing coloring books on amazon
  • publishing activity books for kids on amazon
  • publishing a book on both forms (ebook) and as an (paperback) !!!!


  • no courses or prerequisites required at all. you can start right now no matter how your knowledge and your background design is!!!!


in this A to Z course, you will learn how many books for kids and journals and notebooks and even coloring books are made on the amazon kindle direct publishing. however, you will learn how to make and calculate the right sizes and publish your books on this profitable platform without any issues on the sizes. moreover, in this course, I will walk you through all the problems beginners could make and how to fix them if you fall on the same problems !!! not only that, but also you will learn how to make and publish an ebook as a digital book on the amazon kindle platform.

in general, you will learn how to:

1 make and design and publish ebooks on kindle

2 make and design a cover for ebooks

3 design and make and publish coloring books for kids

4 design and make a cover for coloring books

5 design and make journals and notebooks and publish them on the kindle amazon

6 design and make a cover book for notebooks.

7 how to calculate the right sizes for your books and for you covers so you won’t have any issues with KDP.

all the websites shared with you in this course are for free, so you can start right after finishing watching this course with no cost or low cost.

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