Learn To Create Minimal Typography And Logo Opener In Adobe





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Learn To Create Minimal Typography And Logo Opener In Adobe

A Comprehensive course for Typography and logo animation in Adobe After Effects

What you’ll learn

  • Motion Graphics for logo and titles


  • A copy of Adobe After Effects Software


Are you ready to learn a simple way to grab viewers within the first nanoseconds of your introduction for a video, presentation, or promotional tool? In this course, you can learn step-by-step with one of the best on-line animations instructor to create a Minimal Typography and Logo Opener in Adobe After Effects

Shubham Ganer is a Motion Graphics Designer with over 5 years of experience. He has a simple approach to teach proven techniques for generating higher visibility and greater engagements with a range of options. This course walks users through the step by step approach in learning to create Minimal Typography and Logo with the help of Adobe After Effects that will impress your audience .You will learn everything from scratch to create a Professionally animated logo opener with the help of Adobe After Effects The course is divided in 5 lessons which teach you to create a text and logo based animation in Adobe After Effects so even if you never used Adobe After Effects you will be able to follow along with the help of simple instructions and be able to create the Final Product which is shown in the promo The main aim of this course is :1. To ensure students are able to create a Minimal style typography and logo opener2. To make sure that students explore the functionality of the software and understand it’s working3. The students are able to create the final animation taught in the course

Project file of the animation is also included in last lecture so you can open and reveal it in case if you want it for reference

While aimed at intermediate, this course is also valuable for beginners animators , to add to your current skill set and gain insights that will enhance your animation and design skill set and will help you as an emerging artist

Author(s): Shubham Ganer

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