Microsoft Office 365 Administration | It Support

Microsoft Office 365 Administration | It Support




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Microsoft Office 365 Administration | It Support

Microsoft Office 365: The Ultimate Microsoft Office 365 Course With Practical Examples And Hands-On Training – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Office 365 Administration
  • Describe the various types of group available in Office 365.
  • Describe the user identities in Office 365.
  • Create user accounts from Office 365 admin center
  • Manage user accounts and licenses.
  • Recover deleted user accounts.
  • Understand Licenses and assignment.
  • Understand Cloud, hybrid Identities.


  • PC and Dedication


This course gives the necessary skills to administer Office 365 in any corporate environment. Together we exhaust all possible scenarios you may be presented within an IT support, helpdesk and desktop support roles. I created this course to be easy to follow taking you through each scenario step by step making it easy to grasp the knowledge.

Upon completion, you understand the concepts we tackle and be equipped with the expert practical know how to succeed in a help desk environment.

I have outlined the necessary foundation that you will be built upon in administrating, troubleshooting Office 365 services and most common tasks in IT Support environment.

Author(s): Duale Adan

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