Office 365 – Basics Of Microsoft’s Cloud Service

Office 365 – Basics Of Microsoft’s Cloud Service




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Office 365 – Basics Of Microsoft’s Cloud Service

See why so many are embracing Office 365. Learn the benefits of using Office 365 and how is impacting all businesses. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Identify what is Office 365
  • Why is Office 365 so popular
  • Benefits of using Office 365


  • No prior knowledge of “Office 365” is required.
  • A general idea of computers is helpfull
  • Should already be familiar with the Internet
  • Should already be familiar with Microsoft’s Office software but not required.
  • All you require is to have an open mind and not to have any previous misjudgment on Microsoft.


“Office 365” is the way of the future in Information Technology (IT).

You should take this course as an introduction to Cloud Computing. It’s also used as the foundation to all of my courses on Office 365.

For this course you don’t need to have any type of computer or software.

We will cover the basic principle of this Cloud Service developed by Microsoft.

Some of the areas we will cover:

  • Features
  • Basic Design
  • Business Savings
  • Growth
  • Accessibility

The course is structured to give you a simple overview of “Office 365” and an understanding of why you need to know about this Cloud technology.

Don’t be left behind in technology!!!

Basic knowledge of computers is all you need and an open mind.

There are 18 lectures in the course with 2 videos.

We take a look at the beginnings and what the feature holds for Office 365.

Come and join me and lets travel into the world of “Office 365”.

Cloud Computing for All.

Author(s): Robert Mira

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