Business Development In E-business Era For Beginner




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Business Development In E-business Era For Beginner

e-Business, Marketplace, Digital Business Infrastucture, E-Environment – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Students will understand The basic of e-Business
  • Students will understand the basic analysis of e-commerce
  • Students will recognize the infrastructre of business
  • Students will understand the e-Enivornment in business
  • Students will recognize the Business Overview


  • Familiar with e-commerce


This course presents What is eBusiness and e-Commerce, The many kinds of e-Business, The impact of the electronic   communications on traditional businesses, Business adoption of digital technologies for e-commerce and e-business, Business Platform, Business infrastructure components, social and legal factors, Environmental and e-government, Common Business Challenge, and Types of Business. This course can be completed in 50 minutes.

At the end of this   course, Students will :

  1. Understand The basic of e-Business, analysis of e-commerce and the e-Enivornment in business   
  2. Recognize the infrastructre and the Business Overview   

Author(s): Bina Nusantara University

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