How To Become Famous




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How To Become Famous

Discover simple and practical steps that can take you from obscurity into limelight in 42 minutes – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • How to gain relevance in whatever you are doing
  • How to attract the right people to you
  • How to stay relevant for a long time
  • How to deal with any form of opposition
  • Turn your product or service into a culture


  • Desire for relevance


Fame is for everybody!

One of the rewards that come to a man from living a life of impact is fame. Fame is not a means to an end, but a prize you receive for every form of achievement you make in life. God designed it, that those who live their lives making life meaningful or enjoyable for others will become famous among men. And God also programmed it that the fame of one person cannot hinder another from being known.

The purpose of God for every life is unique and fulfilling each of these purposes, is ordained to bring us into fame. You dont become famous to make impact; you make impact to become famous. Gods plan for man is that we replenish the earth (i.e. fill the earth) which is made easy by fame. This course is not aimed at motivating you to seek fame, rather, it is written to motivate you into living a life of impact and exploit on earth. You will be famous based on the size of your vision. If you have a vision to transform a community, Gods desire is that you be famous in that community. Same goes for those who have been given a global vision.

Money cannot buy you a lasting fame. It can give you a temporary fame but it will not last. The will of God for you is to have a lasting fame. The bible says I will make thee an eternal excellency, a joy of many generations. (Isaiah 60:15 KJV). You have a destiny that is billed to impact generations. You cant afford to live life without making an indelible and lasting impact.

Jesus never sought fame, but His fame never stopped spreading everywhere. The secret about the life of Jesus was that He was the solution (light, salt) to the problem of people in those days. On a certain day, two blind men met Him and He healed them. And their eyes were opened; and Jesus straightly charged them, saying, see that no man know it. But they, when they were departed, spread abroad his fame in all that country. (Matthew 9:30-31 KJV). Though Jesus did not seek fame, but His works brought Him into fame and attracted many people to Him which brought expansion and credibility to His ministry. As they went out, behold, they brought to him a dumb man possessed with a devil. And when the devil was cast out, the dumb spoke: and the multitudes marveled, saying, it was never so seen in Israel. (Matthew 9:32-33 KJV)

FAME IS IN YOU: Wired inside every man, woman, boy or girl is a seed that has the capacity to produce fruit that will bring them into fame. You are not created to live in obscurity. You are created to live in limelight. Being famous in life is not reserved for a particular set of people; it is the birthright of everyone created by God.

God did not create you to die unnoticed; He created you to make a mark on the sand of times which cannot be erased. You are Gods product; amazingly and miraculously made (Psalm 139:14GW). You are a product whose brand name is God. It can never be imagined that God would create a product that is not marketable. Gods name is excellent (Psalm 148:13) and His works are all excellent (Isaiah 12:5). To live in obscurity is to deny the nature of God inside of you. God wants your name to be on the lips of everyone in your community, nation and world. God is not happy when you live on earth as nobody.

There is a stage that has being prepared for you to shine. You may be living in the poorest environment in the poorest country of the world right now. That does not cancel the value of what God deposited in you. Jesus was born in a manger, raised in a carpenter shed; but became famous among men because He understood who He was.

Rising into fame on earth is a function of your level of understanding. And that is what this course is all about. Productivity is enhanced by proper understanding. Genuine understanding will propel you into great adventure that produces unusual exploits. When you live a life of exploit, fame naturally comes to you.

Fame as it will be discussed in this course is not just about being popular or known by many people. Fame is a positive consequence of being a solution to human problem. People will naturally migrate to a place or person where they will find solution to their problems. Many people will pay any amount to see their problem solved and they will honor whosoever brings help their way. A time came in the life of Jesus that it was said about Him, Everyone’s looking for You. (Mark 1:37 ISV). Fame is a determining factor in judging our effectiveness on earth.

Some people fear being famous because they dont want people to talk about them. I make bold to say that, if people are not talking about you, its because you are irrelevant to them. Your relevance will make people say good and bad words about you. That is normal for change agents and everyone living a life of purpose.

Fame is good because it empowers you to deliver more on your assignment and gives you rapid expansion and opportunity to fill the earth.

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Author(s): Tosin Adeola

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