Tiktok Marketing For Beginners




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Tiktok Marketing For Beginners

Learn how to run TikTok Ads with CPA Marketing 2020 – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Appreciate how Important Facebook is in Advertising Today


  • Have access to the internet


The training goes deep into the tactics and strategies of what makes a campaign successful. It focuses heavily on those problem areas of choosing winning niches, and Facebook targeting. Many people struggle with finding successful niches and designs. My methods make it easy so you can tip more campaigns.

This course is an intensive, fast paced, online video training program. Just watch me complete each simple task on my computer screen, pause the video, then do it yourself. I purposely kept each video short, most are around 7 minutes. This is so youll have an easy reference should you go back and review a specific task. The video lessons are very easy to follow and understand. There is no technical talk.

This is a self-study course that does not include coaching or consulting; however, if you do happen to see something in one of the lessons that you dont quite understand I would be happy to clarify it for you.

Author(s): Jamale Boatayab

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