Build A Dashboard Using WordPress And Apache On Centos




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Build A Dashboard Using WordPress And Apache On Centos

Learn how to build a CentOS Version 7 Server, install Apache and WordPress. Import AmCharts to build a dashboard – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Install Apache and open Firewall ports
  • Install WordPress – Apply themes and Customize
  • Install Plugins and incorporate Charts on the WordPress site
  • Install Oracle Virtual Box Client on Windows and Mac Machines
  • Build a CentOS Version 7 Server
  • Tips and Tricks on how to work with Vi Editor
  • Access the server remotely using Putty
  • Learn a few basic UNIX Commands


  • A computer with an internet connection


In this course, we’ll build a CentOS 7 machine.  Install Apache and WordPress.  Import AmCharts to Build a World Map and track COVID-19 active cases around the globe. 

Learn the following : 

  • Install Virtual Box on Windows and Mac machines 
  • Build a CentOS version 7 server
  • Download and Install Apache
  • Download and Install WordPress 
  • Create a DataBase in MySQL 
  • Upgrade a CentOS machine
  • Import Charts in WordPress 
  • Create and Publish COVID-19 Dashboard

Author(s): Adeel Afzal

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